Strange Bookmarks

Bookmark stringAs a book lover, I have no shortage of bookmarks. I have cute ones, thoughtful ones, and even quirky ones. Sometimes none of them will do, or (a more likely reason) I’m in a hurry to mark my page, and need something, anything, now.

I’ve used some pretty silly things to mark my page. Here is a list of previous bookmarks:

  • Candy wrappers
  • Sticky notes
  • My glasses
  • Another book
  • The cat (this didn’t work so well, catses don’t like to be bookmarks)
  • My e-reader
  • Pencils and pens
  • Lotion bottle
  • Any number of papers, envelopes, and assorted mail
  • Throw pillow
  • Cell phone
  • Remote control

Remote bookmark

There are a few things that I will never use as bookmarks:

  • Folding a corner of the page *shudder*
  • Bending back the spine *narrows eyes*
  • Highlighting or underlining (unless it’s a college text)
  • Frankly, anything that would damage the book in any way

I know that there are lots of readers who love to batter their paperbacks, but I’m not one of them. I can read a book just as well while keeping it looking nearly new. And that way it’s still looks pretty on my shelf after I’m done.

So tell me, what are some strange bookmarks you’ve used?


The Book-Lying Cat

Okay, I have to admit that when I first wrote that title I wrote “The Book-Laying Cat”. My mind immediately conjured an image of my cat attempting to lay a book like some demented chicken laying an egg. Ha! Obviously, I changed to be grammatically correct. *chuckles while shaking head*

I have certain reading rituals; I think everyone does. Some of them are comfort related, some are food related, and some are not easily categorized. One of my rituals when reading a large hardbound volume is to sit with a pillow on my lap and the book opened on top of the pillow. This allows me to be hands-free while reading for any length of time. Really, it saves me later hand cramps from holding such a large tome.

My cat, Spirit, is in the habit of curling up on my lap while I’m vegging on the couch or my recliner. He doesn’t appreciate his prime sleeping spot being taken over by a book. What is a cat to do? Spirit has handily solved the problem by lying right on top of the open book on my lap. He loves lying on my open books. Plus, there’s the added bonus (for him anyway) of me being unable to read, and he’s in prime petting position. Thus, I end up petting him and ineffectually trying to push him off my book. That cat can make himself weigh 50 lbs if he wants, I swear! I am usually incapable of gently nudging him from atop my book.

Spirit on Book

I usually end up telling him he doesn’t make a good window, and that I’m trying to read this book. I believe my exact words are, “I’m trying to read dis book, meowface.” Like reasoning with a cat is going to do me any good. *shakes head* The situation generally devolves into me crooning insults at the cat in a lovey voice, with him none the wiser of what I actually want. He’s cute, and thus usually wins. Well, he wins for a minute or two.

Eventually I get tired of this game and tilt the book so that he falls off. He usually only slumps off onto the pillow and stays exactly as puddled thinking it’s a new great resting spot. I’m left to rest the book on top of the cat, rather than the pillow. This is my winning move. Spirit doesn’t like being a bookrest, and he generally leaves with a sigh or a snort. Victory! Silly meowface.

Book on Spirit

The sweet victory is often only a passing reprieve between cats. Psyche or Sativa will eventually get the memo that I’m reading a book on my lap. They’ll find me and repeat the entire process. What is it about lying on an open book that is so appealing to a cat? I bet it’s like boxes. They like the feel of paper under them.

Who knows? Catses are funny creatures.

How do your cats lovingly annoy you while you read?

Sativa on Book Psyche on Book2